If you would like to enjoy the Okinawan ocean,see beautiful coral and play with tropical fish please take a snorkel tour with us.

We can take you on a snorkelling adventure to the Blue cave, Sunabe sea wall , Kerama Islands and many other amazing places!




Meet at our shop by 9am

Complete the application form / waiver

and change into your wetsuit


Learn basic knowledge about snorkelling
on the beach and the marine life you might see


Let's get into the water!


Back to our shop and take a shower

Time required; Approx. 3 hours


6-13-7 Mizugama,Kadena-cho Nakagamigun, Okinawa,Japan


TEL 080-1045-5860

Shop TEL 098-921-9131

Shop FAX 098-921-9132

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