The scuba diving course consists of classroom theory sessions,which are followed by confined water (pool/shallow ocean) training and four dives.

The course is run over a total of three days.

During the first day, the morning is spent at our shop introducing you to the marine environment, equipment and skills required to safely scuba dive.


In the afternoon, we will relocate to the pool, or if it’s calm weather to the ocean.


This gives you an opportunity to learn, experience the underwater world and practice scuba diving skills in a comfortable and safe location.

Over the following two days, we will continue your training and complete a total of five additional dives.

Our experienced instructors are patient and will happily work through the skills with you to ensure that by the time you have finished the course you are a safe diver with many exciting adventures ahead.


Classroom sessions at our shop


Confined water training at the pool
or in the ocean (subject to weather).


Practical diving skills training in the ocean (three dives).


Practical diving skills training in the ocean (two dives).


Written examination

The scuba diver certification is authorized by NAUI, and certifies you to dive to a maximum of 18m depth.

It is the introduction to diving and the gateway to more advanced specialties, such as Rescue Diver or Deep Diver..


■Price ¥39,800

The course cost includes all dive equipment, wetsuit use,textbooks, training and NAUI application fee / certification.

Please bring your own towel, bathing suit and lunch.


You must be over 10 years old, and in good physical condition.

To commence the course you will require a current dive medical.


Please obtain one prior to arriving in Okinawa.

For safety, we remind you that you should not fly within 18 hours of any scuba diving activity.


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