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Lisence course


It is the qualification obtained at the very beginning.

If this card is acquired, the license called a C card can be got. It accepts as a respectable diver in the sea in the world.

With those who have a license by the same quiet oceanic condition as a short course A buddy is constructed and it can go now underwater freely a maximum of 18m.

It is usually for three days during the short course.

Although a schedule is long, also in order to go underwater safely, it is important to study skill and knowledge firmly.

Since it has training happily, it will finish in the twinkling of an eye.


The sea is large -- It is large!


You should challenge an advance, if you would like to begin diving and to go under the more nearly various seas!

At the time of a Scuba diver, although it can go only to the maximum depth of 18 m, it can go up to 30m.

Moreover, a ship is taken, carry out to diving, it goes under the sea of night, or the width of diving spreads.

you can ask Instructor to teach the tips which become superior [ of diving ] rather than anything!!

When you would like to continue diving for a long time, it is recommended by all means!!


Although its own body is protected of course, also in order to protect a buddy, it is important to have the knowledge of a rescue.

We recommend you to also acquire a first aid course simultaneously.

Land or the sea should also make a diver trusted by the buddy.

Moreover, it becomes an indispensable course in order to become a dive master.

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