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For certificated divers , we will take you fun diving tour .


Okinawa is surrounded by beautiful seas and colorful corals .


Also many type of dive sites too .


We will choice best place for your curiosity and experience .


We aim to provide safe, comfortable and enjoyable diving for a small group.

The maximum number of divers per group is four, along with our guide.


About beach entry

One of the entry way from beach and sea wall by steps . It's easy to get water and good for quickly diving style . We offer a half day tour and a few hours tour . If you want to go sight seeing somewhere after diving , we recommend this way . Also if you are experienced and photographer , we recommend this one too . Because we don't care about dive time . You can take your time for relax diving .


The Sunabe sea wall is very popular for colorful soft corals and friendly fish.


The blue cave is easy to see special scenery.


The price
1 dive 8000 yen
2 dives 10000 yen
3 dives 15000 yen
About boat entry

The dynamic dive site and blue water dive site are far from beach . So we offer the boat diving to get there .

The boat takes you dive site so all you need is jumping to water . You don't need to walk with heavy gears .

The Kerama Islands is remote Islands and good chance to see turtles and sharks.

The blue cave is famous for various divers , taking boat is easy to get there .

The dream hole for senior experienced divers , there are strong current and deep place . But it's really nice dive sites .

The price

2 dives 14000 yen


3 dives 18000 yen

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