The Tonaki Island by boat entry

3 dives 21000 + gears 4000
with friends discount
3 dives 20000 + gears 4000

Tonaki Island is located about 60km north west of the Okinawan main Island. There are 3 very nice dive sites . We call The blue corner , The blue hole and Angara bay .

The blue corner is very good visibility and many many colorful fish .Good for photographer too . And the blue hole is real cave in the water . Length about 20m and it's close cave so not for beginner and end of cave , you can see beautiful blue window !

At last Angara bay is popular for big turtles , big group of Barracuda and big rays .


The tour for here is not always , we make schedule in advance and depends on the weather .


If you got chance to go there , you have to go there !