The Hedo Air doem by boat entry

2 dives 19000
3 dives 23000
with friends discount
2 dives 18000
3 dives 22000

The dive site , Hedo air dome is located at most north of Okinawa main land .

10min from marina by boat , There is a real cave in the water .

It's not open water , so you need experienced and for advanced certificated diver.


After go though the cave , you will get open place . It's air dome .

There are Limestone cave in both the air and under the water .

You need torch light because no sunlight in there .

Other dive sites near here , you can enjoy drift diving .

Near north edge of Okinawa Island , always strong current hits around there .

The water move like laundry machine .


So we expect big stuff , Ray , tuna , Napoleonic fish , Whale etc .