The blue cave @ Cape Maeda

by shore entry

1 dive 7000
2 dives 10000
3 dives 13000
with friends discount
1 dive 6000
2 dives 9000
3 dives 12000

This natural cave resembles the Italian Blue Grotto(Grotto Azzurra).


Light reflected from the deep blue sea creates an amazing world in the cave.


This is a perfect site for non-certified divers, with introduction divers and snorkelling trip available.


For more advanced divers, thre are some deep area close by where it is common to see a number of rare sea creatures.


6-13-7 Mizugama,Kadena-cho Nakagamigun, Okinawa,Japan


TEL 080-1045-5860

Shop TEL 098-921-9131

Shop FAX 098-921-9132

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